An eye for the beautiful

Cake decorating has become a very popular hobby in recent years.

Pinterest is full of beautiful works of art that people have achieved with cake designs. Some of these designer cakes have taken days to create, and they are truly a credit to their makers. Even Food TV is full of Decorators that have constructed works of art using the cake as a medium.

We have a thriving cake decoration business at the City Cake Company, and many of our custom cake orders involve bespoke decoration.

Our focus comes from the same ethic, but we apply some rules to our art. These are:

  • We are dealing with food, and food must be treated with respect
  • All the cake, and most of the decorations, should be edible
  • We aim to produce a result that our customers are proud of; but it should be affordable.

When appropriate, we like our cakes to be fun.


There is no doubt in my mind that cakes are fashion. Especially bespoke, made to order cakes with special decoration!

We have seen many styles of cake decoration come and go, but the simple and beautiful remain the overwhelming favourites. 

Our head decorator has been with us for 20 years and she is a highly skilled, talented person with a wonderful eye. We are very lucky to have her skill and loyalty. We see this every day with the gasps of delight from our customers when they see their concept bought to life in a beautiful bespoke cake design.

This is the greatest thrill for us in this business.

A designer cake, like the one pictured below, would take seven hours to bake, decorate, and make the roses - but it is a very beautiful result.