The Rolls Royce of cake makers

In this blog, I want to talk about food quality and how important it is to life. When we started to develop our range of baking and cakes, we did so with a firm ethos.

We would use no chemicals or preservatives in our cakes.

We would only use the absolute best of New Zealand dairy products and the introduction of flavours only from the absolute best ingredients – fresh NZ fruit and vegetables, Dutch cocoa and real Belgian chocolate. 

We would only make cakes in small batches.

Best bakers in Auckland.

This ensured that quality control was paramount, and we found that in baking beyond a certain number of cakes, something is lost in the final product.

Today this ethos remains.

We use no improvers, no chemicals or preservatives, free-range eggs and no artificial flavours.

A little about sugar content. We are often asked for cakes that are sugar-free. The very nature of a cake is that it is an equation. If you take out one of the main ingredients, then you need to replace it with a chemical, and we have decided not to do this.

An example of why we consider it correct to only use natural products is aspartame (an artificial sugar replacement). This has been widely used, as an artificial sweetener. Recent research has found that it interferes with the thyroid system, brain function, and causes depression among many other nasty side effects. This product was promoted as a weight loss tool. but has resulted in harming the body.

The only natural substance used to replace sweetness is stevia.... which is not suitable for baking.

We do not make cakes that are over-sweet. As a rule - the less quality in the core ingredients, the more sugar you use. Sugar is used to mask flavour, so if you use high-quality ingredients then you do not use so much sugar.

Best chocolate cake in Auckland.

A case in point is the chocolate ganache we use on our chocolate cake. The recipe consists of high-quality dark chocolate and fresh cream – with no added sugar.

Compare this to compound chocolate. Because it has a fatty base and is not pure chocolate, it contains quite a lot of sugar to mask the taste of the high-fat content.

This also applies to artificial flavours such as the cheaper essences.

Many commercial bakeries use only premix when making cakes.

These premixes are cheap to buy, do not require much baking time, and only require a low level of baking skill. However the finished product contains chemicals and is heavy on sugar.

We are "scratch bakers" and bake just the way you would at home. The difference is our professional equipment, highly skilled pastry chefs and dedication to top-quality ingredients.

Sweet food is never meant to be part of a daily diet. It is a treat and a joy, so when you choose it make sure it is of the best quality.

On our website we state: “Always buy the best food you can afford – no one ever regretted buying quality.

“We are the Rolls Royce of cake makers.”

No preservative or colouring cakes.