Online specials.

These desserts and cakes are online specials until the end of February 2022.

They are all reduced by $10.00. 

  • Passion fruit cheesecake.
    Usually 74.00 Now $64.00
  • Chocolate mousse with raspberries.
    Usually $74.00 Now $64.00
  • White chocolate and raspberry mousse.
    Usually $74.00. Now $64.00
  • Carrot cake with lemon cream cheese.
    Usually $69.00. Now $59.00
  • Chocolate cake with Belgium chocolate.
    Usually $69.00. Now $59.00 
  • Lemon syrup with lemon cream cheese.
    Usually $69.00. Now $59.00
  • Banana with caramel.
    Usually $69.00. Now $59.00

We are artisan bakers. 
All of our cakes are baked without preservatives or improvers and we only use the best of ingredients including Belgium chocolate, fresh fruit and, free-range eggs.

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